Woman accused of fatally shooting boyfriend expected to go to trial

Lisa Hollopeter, 35 (LVMPD/KSNV)

The woman charged with shooting her long-time boyfriend to death faced a judge again today for his murder.

Before Judicial Officer Jennifer Henry, Lisa Hollopeter pleaded not guilty to the murder of Jose Ignacio Villanueva, the boyfriend she is accused of shooting multiple times, including once in the back.

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Hollopeter's case has now moved on to District Court, moving the case further along in the trial phase.

A good friend of the victim says Hollopeter and the victim had been together for about nine years before the deadly shooting.

Detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say the two may have recently been having problems in the relationship.

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The night of the alleged murder on April 1, investigators found seven shell casings around Villanueva's body. He was found lying on the bathroom floor of the apartment the two had been living in together near south Buffalo and west Westcliffe Drives.

Police allege after a fight, Hollopeter shot her 40-year-old boyfriend multiple times.

She was taken into custody outside the apartment and placed under arrest after police say she changed her story three times during the interrogation interview.

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Hollopeter now moves on to the trial setting portion of her case. She will be back in court facing a District Court judge on May 31.

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