Woman murdered inside central valley apartment was a pregnant mother of two

Family members say 24-year-old Diana Rios was strangled inside an apartment. Rios' grandmother believes she knows who is behind the murder. (Photo Courtesy: D. Salcido)

A grandmother is speaking out about the murder of her 24-year-old granddaughter.

Family members say Diana Rios was pregnant when she was strangled to death. Rios was the mother of two children.

“Oh, the pain she might have felt. The pain that she felt. The gasping for air,” said Domitilia Salcido, the victim’s grandmother.

Salcido thinks of the suffering her 24-year-old granddaughter, Rios, may have gone through.

Metro officers say on Monday afternoon, a man strangled the pregnant mother of two. The murder happened inside a vacant central valley apartment near Pennwood and Valley View.

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"It's been so hard on us. We never expected,” said Salcido. “I would tell her over and over, stay away from this boy."

Salcido is referring to Salvador Gonzalez. Metro Police sources tell News 3 Gonzalez was the last person seen with Rios. Gonzalez – who is the father of Rios' two children – is now in jail on a separate charge.

Salcido tells News 3 this is what police told her: "that he was the number one suspect ... because he was always hurting her."

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Salcido has no idea what her granddaughter was doing in the vacant apartment where she was found dead. She tells News 3 her granddaughter often came and went for days from her home.

Salcido says she won’t rest until she gets answers.

"I can hardly wait till they catch the person that did it – that's all I want to hear right now is that they caught the person that did it,” said Salcido.

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