would you take out a loan to watch the knights play? we spoke with one man who did #nocaps


editor's note: the article below is written strictly in lowercase letters as part of the #nocaps movement. click here for info.

the golden knights in the stanley cup finals, and some may say its priceless.

ticket brokers disagree.

the golden knights are having a season to remember. for those who want to be a part of it, you’ll have to part with a big chunk of change.

the hottest ticket in town is gonna cost you.

with the price of tickets hitting the four-digit mark, would you be willing to take out a loan? silver state credit union hopes your answer will be “yes.”

local resident robert revis took the credit union up on their offer -- not to buy tickets to game 1, but to buy everything he needs to host a game 1 party.

“well i went to silver state. they’re offering this great loan, so i pulled it up to get my 80 inch 4k tv,” said revis.

revis is one of what we’re told are dozens of people who are taking advantage of the silver state credit union's golden knights loan package: up to five-grand at 6.9 percent apr.

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if you are at home wondering what your significant other would say when you tell them you took out a loan for hockey, rest assured that robert thought about that too.

“that’s why you tell her after the loan's out,” said revis.

home loans, student loans, and car loan are all par for course. but a stanley cup loan? the bank admits it's unusual.

"we recognize this is crazy, but people would be using their credit cards," said a spokesperson for the silver state credit union. "go get some tickets or a tv or some inaugural season memorabilia. that sort of thing."

silver state hopes people use the loan as an alternative to a credit card. now revis is ready -- money in the bank, eyes on monday’s game.

he’ll pay the loan off in two years.

of course, we had to ask the obvious question: what’s going to happen next year if they go back?

“another loan’s coming out!” laughed revis. “maybe i’ll make it to the actual game!”

so, vegas is a hockey town with the credit score to prove it.

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