Wynn Resorts not backing down from lawsuit against Resorts World

    Wynn Resorts continuing legal action against Resorts World, citing copyrighted architectural design - specifically the curve of the building, the bronze glass and the banding

    The gloves are off and two major casino operators are ready to duke it out in court. It could cost jobs and lots of money.

    Wynn Resorts is suing Resorts World over the design of its new hotel-casino going up across the street.

    Neither side is backing down and Resorts World said it could have to let go a third of its workers immediately.

    Resorts World is scheduled to open in 2020.

    Wynn Resorts slapped them with a lawsuit over the holidays essentially saying the up-and-coming property looks too much like Wynn calling it copyrighted architectural design, that the public would be confused.

    David Schwartz is the Director of the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV. He said, “It’s really hard to say if the public would if it would benefit Resorts World if the property looked like Wynn or if it would benefit Wynn.”

    He added, “Casinos have sparred with each other legally and just in the court of public opinion over things like parking and things like that but I’m not familiar with a case like this before.”

    Wynn Resorts chief complaints include the bronze glass, the banding and the concave shape of the towers.

    Resorts World said the glass is not only popular and used in other casinos in town like Red Rock, but it also’s not proprietary and helps with solar issues.

    Resorts World said the banding is designed to allow the tower to take on the red hue and the concave shape of the towers was part of the footprint when it took over Boyd Gaming’s halted Echelon project.

    Ed Farrell, the President of Resorts World told News 3 in 2017 that they did take some steel down for a new design.

    “We've spent hundreds of millions of dollars so far really preparing this site,” and said now the suit is about shutting down a competitor.

    Wynn Resorts released this statement on Friday:

    “Resorts World's newly created exterior renderings, dated 2019 and well after the filing of our complaint, are merely drawings which do not reflect the actual construction directly across the street from our resort. We will continue to pursue our legal claims and injunctive relief in this matter.”

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