Your first look inside downtown’s upscale Eclipse Movie Cineplex

Take a look inside! Eclipse Theaters in Downtown will finally open it's doors Wednesday. 11/29/16 (Faith Jessie | KSNV)

The Eclipse Theatre in Downtown Las Vegas will be up and running on Wednesday.

Eclipse Theatres sits on the corner of 3rd St. and Gass Ave. The 70,000 Sq Ft., three story Cineplex has a design that's far from average according to its developers.

The $22 million project features reclining leather seats, an in-theatre dining service, VIP theater suites, as well as an in-house restaurant and open bar. It's a premiere dining and movie experience Eclipse Executive Director of Operations, Ryan Stock says will hopefully attract moviegoers who usually turn to suburban theaters. Stock wants them headed downtown

"Instead of having to bring everything in yourself and really be serving yourself, we're bringing that hospitality environment into the theater," said Stock.

It's another new addition to the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas.

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"We've already seen a tremendous change just in the last couple of years so a project like this is just going to help that," said Stock.

The upscale movie experience has an upscale price. A matinee ticket will run you $16, more than double the nation's movie ticket average at about $8.50. If you go past 5:00 p.m. add another $2 to that ticket. Although the tickets might be pricey, Ryan says the food and drink selections are tailored to fit your budget.

"You can get bottles of wine anywhere from an $8 glass up to $100 a glass. So we are offering an experience that can be tailored to anyone that wants to come in," said Stock.

The theater will have its first showings Wednesday evening. It is also 21 and up, so make sure to find a babysitter for the kids before heading out.

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