Your internet history may not be as private as you think

How private is your internet history? 4/13/17 (KSNV)

On April 4, President Trump signed an internet privacy repeal bill. It means an internet service provider can use your search history and geolocation to target you for online advertisements.

The move alarmed privacy advocates who believe it should be a basic level of protection for people online.

A local computer forensics expert says it’s still possible to be fully anonymous on the internet, but it requires the complicated use of a proxy server. It works by making your computer and its very connection to the internet fully invisible to the internet itself.

“It bounces your IP address to different locations. It pretends it’s something else, so you’re not able to be discovered,” said Eliya Azoulay-Mare, with Expert Data Forensics.

Vanishing privacy concerns have fueled the growth of online companies that provide access to proxy servers.

One such business is The company claims an easy connection to proxy servers, for invisible internet access, for $10 a month.

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