Clark County slams the brakes on marijuana consumption lounges

Nevada Legislature lawyers give green light for local governments to license marijuana consumption lounges. 9/12/17 (Nathan O'Neal)

Clark County commissioners slammed the brakes on marijuana consumption lounges during a hearing on Tuesday.

Commissioners voiced concerns over regulating private clubs where adults can legally smoke pot. They also expressed concern about the risk of “inviting the feds” to intervene.

Last week, lawyers for the Nevada Legislature issued a legal opinion that said there is no law that prohibits pot lounges, leaving the door open for cities and counties to make their own rules on the issue.

Six out of the seven commissioners said they want to hold off on regulating.

“I don’t think we need to be in any kind of rush,” said Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani.

There was no formal action taken on the issue of consumption lounges. A representative for the Nevada Dispensary Association is hopeful the commission will revisit the issue in the next few months.

"I think it's important for our community to provide a solid legal option for tourists ... but I also feel like locals would take advantage of these lounges as well," said Andrew Jolley with the Nevada Dispensary Association.

While Denver allows consumption lounges, there aren't any operational yet.

Clark County plans to send staff there to learn more about it.

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