NEVADA MARIJUANA: Recreational pot on its way to Henderson

Recreational pot on its way to Henderson (Nathan O'Neal | KSNV)

Recreational marijuana in the City of Henderson is coming soon.

The city has decided to allow all five dispensaries in their jurisdiction to begin selling for recreational purposes.

Armen Yemenidijan is the owner of Essence Cannabis dispensary in Henderson and he says this is good news for the city’s economy and it’s residents.

"Now the City of Henderson will be able to collect tax revenue on it and it'll be more convincing for the residents of the city of Henderson," said Yemenidijan.

Last November, voters approved the legalization of marijuana in Nevada and Las Vegas has already been selling recreational pot since July.

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The City of Henderson chose to put a freeze on starting sales because they wanted to see how the state would regulate the new industry.

On Tuesday evening, City Council Members voted to put an end to that six-month moratorium.

Some residents we spoke to say it's about time.

"I think Henderson is behind the curb everyone's down with the legal marijuana I mean it's common sense," said Henderson native Sean Ware.

The state of Nevada generated $3.6 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana.

Now, Henderson will also be able to tap into that marijuana money.

Other residents, we spoke to still have their concerns, like Renatta Ramirez, who lives in Henderson.

"I'm just hoping that with the legalization that it doesn't backfire on us. That there's not more DUI's or anything like that," said Ramirez.

Yemenidjian doesn't think that will happen.

"Do I believe that people will drive high the way that people drive drunk or the way people drive on prescription? It's a possibility but I don't think it increases the risk," said Yemenidjian.

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Before the recreational sales can start, each of the five shops will have to pay licensing fees and get approval from the State Department of Taxation.

Recreational sales could begin in Henderson as early as this Friday.

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