After horrific airborne crash fractures her spine, F3 driver plans to return to racing

German Formula-3 driver Sophia Floersch said she is thankful to be alive on Monday, after a horrific crash at the Macau Grand Prix left her with a spinal fracture more than a week ago.

Doctors said that while it may take months for Floersch to make a full recovery, she has already made significant improvement, and expect that she will eventually be able to return to racing.

"I am very thankful for actually, yeah, being here and having, I think, quite a good recovery already until now,” said Floersch "I think I am quite good, and walking already, and I will have to work the next month. But I will for sure come back here, and race next year again."

Races were brought to a halt at the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix on Sunday, November 18, after Floersch's airborne crash.

The teenage driver lost control of her car and catapulted off the track before flying full-force over the barriers and into a photographers' bunker.

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