Florida children get free books from vending machine thanks to JetBlue program


Some bookworms in Florida are getting the chance to catch up on some reading this summer with the help of JetBlue. It's part of the airline’s "Soar with Reading Program."

Jetblue is providing a vending machine filled with books to thousands of children.

There's no charge to use the machine. And because reading is fundamental... Event organizers say the book vending machines are changing lives.

We test the kids at the beginning of the summer, we test them at the end of the summer,” said JetBlue spokesperson Iceman Gibbs. “We found that they're reading scores go up, they're reading comprehension goes up."

The students agree.

“When you're reading your reading is higher than you used to be, and it's also good for your brain to learn," said London Thomas, a second grader who likes to read.

This is the 7th year from the initiative. Parents entered a contest and voted to bring the "Soar with Reading" program to Fort Lauderdale.

Voting is already underway for 2018 -- New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are in the running.

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