Man with a gun asked another man to take off anti-Trump shirt

Picture provided by  Porterville Police. Police say it shows Jim Rommell at the waist with hand on gun.

PORTERVILLE, Calif-- A man is in jail following what police say was his reaction over an anti-Trump t-shirt. Porterville Police say the man asked another man to take the shirt off and if he didn't, he would shoot him. Some people are questioning, if a man took things too far.

Resident Jennifer Holloway says people should be able to wear what they want. “It’s my body and my clothes. Let me do what I came here to do and move on," said Holloway.

Pictures were taken from video surveillance at a Walmart in Porterville. Police say a confrontation took place when the man seen in a brown shirt said he was offended by another man’s anti- Trump shirt. Police Sergeant, Rick Carrillo says the situation took a more serious turn when he then asked the man to take it off.

“The victim was shoved to the ground. The suspect was seen on video and it was reported by the victim he reached in the small of his back where he had his firearm stored. He never drew the firearm. That was confirmed by the video and by the victim. Ultimately the two serrated and went their separate ways, said Carrillo.

After posting the pictures on Facebook, people helped Porterville police identify the man as Jim Rommel. He turned himself in to police. He was arrested and charged with criminal threats.

“I honestly don't think you have the right to do that. It's in the first amendment. You have the freedom of speech and the freedom to wear whatever you want to wear regardless of if you feel offense,” said Hernandez.

Some people think that others should avoid wearing derogatory clothing.

“Respect him just because. That's his first name president,” said Andrew Smegelski.

Police say video of the confrontation will be used as evidence to be present to a grand jury.

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