Oklahoma City teacher walkout enters second week


Teachers in Oklahoma City continued massive demonstrations today, walking out for a sixth day.

Teachers from across the state march to the state capitol, demanding an increase in government funding for education and a pay raise.

The teachers are joined today by more than 100 women attorneys wearing all black. The attorneys say they're not taking a political stance, but rather wanted to help both sides come up with solutions that consider everyone's best interest.

Oklahoma were granted a pay raise last month but say the state's school facilities, equipment and textbooks are rundown, outdated or in short supply and more spending is needed.

According to the national education association, Oklahoma ranks 49th in the nation in teacher salaries. Which includes Washington, D.C.

Only Mississippi and South Dakota rank lower than Oklahoma.

The president of the Oklahoma Education Association said before the walkout can end, the legislature must pass a bill ending the state's capital gains tax deduction and the governor must veto the repeal of a hotel-motel tax bill. Many of the state's school districts will remain closed today due to the walkout.

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