Pregnant woman finds herself locked in doctor's office

Kendra Richardson said she was left alone for so long in an examination room the doctor and staff forgot about her, locked the office and went home.

When a pregnant Florida woman went in to her doctor's office for a 3:00pm appointment, she said she was confused and angry to still be waiting in the exam room at 6:00pm.

But she says what happened next was downright scary.

The mom-to-be is due this month, so her visit to the "All About Women" OB/GYN clinic in Ocala was routine.

After a two hour wait, however, Kendra Richardson says she finally got in to see the doctor who gave her a gown and told her he'd be back.

Richardson says he never came back. Nor did anyone else.

Then she left the exam room to see what was happening, she found that the doctor and the staff had turned out the lights, locked the doors, and left for the night.

After she got over her shock, she shot video of the dark, empty office thinking no one would believe her story.

She then called police who, with the help of someone in an office next door, managed to get into the doctor's office and let her out.

"How could you forget somebody and you're running a professional business?” Richardson said. “And your sign says "All About Women," but you left me behind!"

A spokesperson for the "All About Women" clinic says they're investigating to see how this whole thing happened.

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