Newly-released footage shows night Las Vegas FBI agent was arrested for firing at police


Dash cam footage has been released of a Las Vegas FBI agent shooting his gun at police in Michigan.

It all appears to start with a former FBI agent Ruben Hernandez’s drunken night on the town with his partner. It ended with Hernandez -- based in Las Vegas but on assignment in grand rapids -- firing several shots from a semi-automatic gun directly at a GR police cruiser.

After he`s taken into custody, Hernandez apologized profusely.

'I`m so sorry ma`am. Please get me out of here ma`am,' Hernandez said, 'I`m a special agent with the FBI, ma`am.'

Slumped over, and switching back and forth between Spanish and English, Hernandez awaited questioning. Meanwhile, officers work to piece together the events of the night.

Security footage shows what witnesses inside a Planet Fitness on 28th street saw as Hernandez ran inside, wielding his Semi-automatic gun, and telling employees to lock the door, claiming ‘they’re gonna kill us all.’

Reports show Hernandez and his partner, John Salazar, ate at downtown restaurant before making their way south.

Hernandez was sentenced to 135 days in jail and 2 years of probation after pleading "no contest". he also lost his federal badge.

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