Government Shutdown will slow the rollout of new beers

The TTB is in charge of approving new beer labels, and cannot do so during the government shutdown.

As the government shutdown continues, the impact is being felt in ways you might not have imagined.

And now, for beer drinkers, this shutdown is getting real.

The alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau-- or TTB for short-- is in charge of approving labels and license for any new beer, wine, and spirits.

Normally, those approvals can take anywhere from seven to thirty days, and with some six-thousand breweries in the U.S. that's a lot of labels.

But now, if you visit the agency's website, you'll find a notice that tells companies they can submit their applications but they won't be reviewed until the shutdown is over.

That means release dates for new brews will be delayed, and beer lovers may have to wait for the unveiling of the summer beers that breweries all over the country have planned.

"The beers have been named, we have figured out what we're serving, we have submitted those approvals, we're waiting to get kicked back to us with that approval state and that hasn't quite happened yet with the shutdown," said Andrew Zender of the KC Bier Company

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