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Utah's Rep. Chris Stewart calls Trump 'our Mussolini'

A congressman from Utah calls Donald Trump "our Mussolini"(Photo: FOX / MGN)
A congressman from Utah calls Donald Trump "our Mussolini"(Photo: FOX / MGN)
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Utah Rep. Chris Stewart (R) is joining with former Gov. Mitt Romney in bashing Donald Trump, calling the billionaire a fascist dictator.

Stewart addressed the Hinckley Institute of Politics, the same arena given to Mitt Romney last week.

"I think this is the most important time we have had probably since 1860; we are defining ourselves as a nation." Stewart had a smaller venue, but it was packed with students who wanted to hear his take on the current state of politics in Washington.

Stewart compared this election cycle to the election that ushered in Abe Lincoln, the Civil War and the abolition of slavery.

"The world is standing on the edge of a knife and it is a very dangerous time."

The congressman didn't mince words.

"If some of you are Donald trump supporters, we see the world differently, because I can't imagine what someone is thinking."

Stewart went as far as comparing the billionaire to Italy's infamous fascist dictator.

"Donald trump does not represent republican ideals, he is our Mussolini. Donald Trump's approach is -- I am just going to do it."

Stewart says "Say no. You are the president you are not the king."

He did however have nice things to say about Democrat Bernie sanders.

"I give him credit for his courage and his honesty." Referencing his unchanging beliefs "Bernie Sanders, God bless him, you have to give him credit for his courage because he has been here he is for 50 years. He does not pretend. He says he is a socialist and he is."

That doesn't mean he supports him, Stewart told students the country is watching two extremes.

"You've go a socialist on one hand and someone that is whatever his on the other hand."

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He closed his speech with, "we have to do better, me must do better."

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