WATCH: Fresno firefighters cut their way into burning Fresno home to rescue homeless man

Dramatic video shows California firefighters rescuing a man trapped in a burning building.

The helmet camera images come from Fresno firefighters responding to a house fire last Thursday.

Just as crew members began battling the overnight blaze, they heard someone yelling for help and discovered a hand waving through a vent near the bottom of the home.

The structure was supposed to be vacant but a homeless man managed to wedge himself into a crawl space under the floorboard of the house when it became engulfed.

In the video, you see and hear firefighters as they work to reach the man. They eventually pull the man from the burning structure.

The man was taken to a local hospital where he was treated and released.

Just this year alone, the department has dealt with more than 700 structure fires, at least a third of which occurred in vacant buildings.

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