Did Amber 'Drains Shots' Dixon prove herself as a guest Harlem Globetrotter? Well, no.

I'm Amber ‘Drains Shots’ Dixon -- a Globetrotters name I gave myself ahead of my guest appearance with the iconic sports entertainment team Thursday night.

But would I prove worthy of that self-appointed name? Not quite.

Harlem Globetrotters, with Las Vegas native Scooter Christensen, took on the World All-Stars at t-Mobile Arena -- a venue they opened up last year as the first sporting event there.

And on Thursday Night, that arena had its first four-point line. I'd be a female hitting the first four-pointer -- not me, but number 18: TNT Lister!

As for me, I was two for four. I air-balled my first shot, I missed my second shot, then finally banked it in for two.

After that, I was told I wasn't bringing up the ball like a Globetrotter would. Apparently the proper way involves the kind of moves you see in the thumbnail above.

However, I'd hit another little layup before being taken out.

The team did tell me I follow directions well, and the Globetrotters would go on to win.

I want to thank them for the opportunity, and tell you at home: don't worry. I'm not giving up my day job.

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