How to avoid being tracked by Facebook

How to avoid being tracked by Facebook

So the Facebook news has you nervous. You came to the right place. Here are the simple ways to see which one of your apps is sharing data with Facebook and how to see which websites allow third-party companies to watch you browse online.

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Before we do that let’s understand what “sharing data” can mean.

Any personal information you post on Facebook or photos can be accessed by third-party apps you sign in through Facebook with.

They can also get access to your location, what you're searching for online, even your friend's info (yes, if your friends have an app that shares their data it can also see some of what you’re doing.)

Here's how to check:

  1. Open your app or go to the site
  2. Go to account settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “apps” button
  4. There's a list called “logged in on Facebook”
  5. You can opt out following the on-screen instructions

To change the ad settings on Facebook, click here.

Download Ghostery to see which sites are allowing third parties to watch you. Ghostery is a browser extension and a mobile app that will give you the option of shutting those third parties down if you want.

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