Clark County approves land use permit for Raiders Stadium

Clark County Commissioners unanimously approved the land use permit for the Raiders Las Vegas stadium. (Photo provided)

The Raiders are one step closer to breaking ground on the Las Vegas Stadium -- which will also be home to UNLV football – after Clark County Commissioners approved the land use permit for the stadium site.

Two issues that were in the spotlight today: parking … and how the stadium’s design might affect nearby air traffic.

Commissioners unanimously approved the land use permit, clearing one of the final hurdles for the new stadium to be located near Russell Road and west of Interstate 15. An army of architects presented their plan for the 65,000-seat stadium.

Earlier this week, the FAA cleared the stadium’s design. It stands 225 feet tall according to current plans and sits just west of the Las Vegas Strip. The FAA report says the stadium would not be hazardous to nearby air traffic.

The FAA’s finding comes despite the Airline Pilot’s Association expressing concern that the stadium’s reflective design could pose a safety risk and impair vision of flight crews.

Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly echoed those same concerns in Wednesday’s hearings.

“What’s the lighting going to be like because of the proximity to the landing strips and the airport towers?” asked Weekly.

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Raiders representatives responded that they “doubt very seriously whether the exterior lighting on the building will be competitive” in terms of harmful lighting compared to the Las Vegas Strip.

Another stadium issue still unsolved: parking.

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The stadium is required to have 16,000 parking spots but current plans only create roughly 2,000 spots on site. However, the Raiders will be given one year to secure off-site parking to make up the difference.

“That's why parking will be solved -- it's important to the county, it's important to the staff, it's important to the stadium authority ... but with all do respect as important as it is to you... it's way more important to us,” said Raider’s stadium consultant Don Webb.

If everything stays on track, the construction timeline has crews breaking ground in late November and the stadium completed by July 2020.

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