Raiders unveil parking plan

    The soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders say they're working on plans to build parking around the stadium site, but that's just one problem for a project that can't afford any delay. (KSNV)

    Just think: Two years from right now, we'll be talking about kickoff. But before you enjoy the game, you gotta get there first.

    And at McMullan's Irish Pub, Darrin, sitting at the end of the bar, could be a Raiders parking consultant.

    “I think in the age of Uber and enough taxi cabs and everything, I think people don't really want to take their car to a stadium any longer,” says Darrin Badger, sitting with a friend having some food.

    The Raiders Parking Plan unveiled Tuesday partly depends on it.

    "The Raiders stadium is the first to be completely designed in the age of rideshare," says the company that will run the stadium.

    It expects thousands of fans will Uber or Lyft or taxi to the stadium, which will have separate areas for pickup and drop-off.

    For those who want to drive, the team will use four remote lots for parking, with shuttles to and from the stadium. The team expects the trips will take between five and 13 minutes to reach their destination, depending on the location.

    One of them is right across from McMullan’s: The team says it can get up to 4,625 spaces at the Orleans; up to 1,175 spaces at a former Southwest Gas property at Arville and Tropicana; up to 2,500 spaces on land at Las Vegas Boulevard and Arby; and up to 3,625 spaces at Las Vegas Boulevard and Blue Diamond.

    The plan envisions a maximum of 11,925 at the remote lots, with a maximum of 2,725 at the stadium, for a total maximum of 14,650 spaces controlled by the Raiders.

    “It's a good first step. I don't think this is the final,” Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak told News 3.

    Sisolak wants to make sure fans in cars don't swamp parking at nearby business and resorts.

    “We can’t overwhelm those garages that are at capacity now with patrons that are staying in those properties,” Sisolak says.

    The stadium company says it is not relying on that parking, nor does it rely on the 25,000 spaces at businesses west of the stadium.

    The parking it's identified "is sufficient to meet all of the demand for a game," says the stadium company. The plan offered no estimates of parking prices.

    In the meantime, the stadium rises on 62 acres that do not have the space for the more than 16,000 parking spaces zoning requires. Hence, the team's parking pickle, one which it says it’s solving.

    The team is expected to ask the county for a zoning waiver at the stadium site, one which would allow it to hold the far fewer parking slots, estimated between 2,375 and 2,725 spaces.

    “It will depend on what spaces (in other locations) they’ve identified and what, exactly, percentage they’re anticipating coming from rideshare, from Uber, Lyft and the like,” Sisolak says.

    The parking plan released today compared Las Vegas with seven other urban NFL stadiums, finding that most of those properties had roughly the same amount of onsite parking. Of those seven, the Raiders would offer the most amount of offsite parking.

    The County Commission will take up the team’s parking plan September 5th.

    The full proposal can be read here:

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