Raiders parking update: Leaving no stone unturned, team says

The soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders say they're working on plans to build parking around the stadium site, but that's just one problem for a project that can't afford any delay. (KSNV)

If it's barbecue ... and it's lunchtime ... and it's Local 872 ... it must be another Las Vegas Stadium Authority meeting.

These union guys -- and gals -- can't wait for shovels to go in the ground.

“Plenty of work for everybody. Everybody needs to feed their families,” one Local 872 member told me as he was walking with a plate of food.

His union has been a fixture throughout Las Vegas’ stadium saga, a vocal and present proponent for the jobs supporters say it will bring.

Inside, we learned the Raiders are planning a 31-month construction schedule, which begins at the end of November and kicks into high-gear in December.

They get the "keys" in July 2020, with Opening Day three years from now.

The FAA needs to sign off first because this stadium is near the airport. An initial FAA review says the structure should not interfere with flights at McCarran Airport.

It's holding public comment until the end of September, which could push back permits to start building.

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“We will not shorten the comment period,” FAA Spokesperson Ian Gregor says. “There is no specific timetable for a review. It depends on whether we identify any issues and, if so, how long it takes to resolve them."

In the audience at today’s Stadium Authority meeting, County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, who says any delay is not good.

“If you start when they want to start in November, we don't have time to waste in terms of taking away one of those months,” he told me earlier.

Sisolak tells me the county could issue the Raiders some construction permits before the FAA finishes its review in order to keep the project on schedule.

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Parking's the other issue.

Sisolak says talks are underway between the team and nearby landowners willing to sell.

“They’re sensitive negotiations, as I’ve told you in the past, because the landowners there think they’ve got winning lottery tickets,” Sisolak says.

The 62-acre site is about 14,000 parking spaces short.

The team says it knew that going in ... and is leaving no stone unturned.

“We're looking at every possible option that's available -- surface parking, structures, off-site parking, rideshare, taxis, Lyft, Uber,” says Raiders President Marc Badain.

There are no parking details yet. The team says they're coming.

For a stadium whose start is coming fast, too.

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