The Raiders rush is on! Stadium site getting busier every day

Suddenly, Las Vegas’ most-watched 68 acres, bordered by I-15 and Russell, is a virtual beehive of activity as crews begin construction of the new Raiders stadium. (KSNV)

By our calculations, NFL opening day 2020 is 957 days away.

When you’re building a 65,000-seat stadium, there’s no time to waste.

Suddenly, Las Vegas’ most-watched 68 acres, bordered by I-15 and Russell, is a virtual beehive of activity.

“I looked at my countdown clock. I think it was 920 days we've got until it has to be completed, so they're making progress,” says Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

You’re talking about roughly 2 1/2 years of work, which will involve thousands of construction workers and a choreography of manpower, machines, and materials.

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Right now, they're moving out an old culvert from a flood control channel. They're blasting away tons of rock hard soil called "Caliche."

That happens at 3:30 p.m.

“It really shakes the ground. It feels like the building's about to fall apart. Pretty intense,” says Lance Russell, who works across the street at a marijuana dispensary.

The construction schedule is really intense.

Just a couple months ago, the site was desert scrub.

Now, it’s alive with portable construction offices, earth-movers, dump trucks, fork-lifts, and workers.

“We have about five or six contractors out there,” says Local 872’s Tommy White, who also sits on the board that oversees the stadium and offered me his own progress report.

“The box culvert's coming along, probably three to four weeks left of blasting. I think Anderson drilling goes on site today,” says White.

This month, it's excavation.

“I think they told me they're gonna haul out 600,000 cubic yards of dirt. That's a lot of dirt to take off that site,” says Sisolak.

That will be no problem. Trucks are literally lined up to do it. One after the other, they enter the construction site to be loaded up.

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In March, they start foundations.

In April, they start pouring concrete.

In September, expect steel.

At the peak, more than 3,000 workers will be on site.

The Raiders have been busy too.

Their stadium showroom is about to open at Town Square, where you can shop for seats and check out the view from your season tickets.

For now, the valley is watching a piece of land become Las Vegas’ new football shrine, not only for the NFL's Raiders but also for UNLV's football Rebels.

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