PORTALS: New pop-up art exhibit transforms Vegas photos into digital mosaics

PORTALS is a new art installation by James Stanford on display for a limited time in the downtown Arts District. Photo Courtesy: Purdue Marion

A new pop-up art installation, PORTALS, showcases an illuminated view of the complex photomontages of the valley’s landmarks and neon signs.

Artist James Stanford’s backlit lenticulars (images that appear to change as the viewer's head moves) will be on display through Monday, Jan. 31, along Charleston Boulevard and Main Street in the downtown Arts District.

Several of the pieces can be found in the vacant storefront windows on the Quivx Building, located at 1 E. Charleston Boulevard.

The installation aims to combine traditional photography with innovative technology, with Stanford layering original photographs and reimagining them in digital mosaics.

Stanford, an international exhibiting artist and Las Vegas native, reflects in his work a connection to the valley and features symbols like the original Tropicana Hotel or iconic neon signage.

PORTALS will be the first of many expected popup exhibitions curated by Laura Henkel of ArtCulture PR at the Quivx Building.

Henkel says that the owners of the building are happy to sponsor exhibitions in the downstairs space.

The installation will be visible form the street, but viewers will be particularly impressed at night.

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