Water for HOPE Drive Kicks off May 16, during National Salvation Army Week

To help commemorate National Salvation Army Week, The Salvation Army Southern Nevada will kick off its Water for HOPE Campaign on Wednesday, May 16, 10 a.m. – Noon at Huntridge Circle Park on Maryland Parkway.

Joining representatives of The Salvation Army Social Services and Homeless Outreach teams at this event will be members of the M.O.R.E. (Multi-agency Outreach Resource Engagement) Team. This team, along with LVMPD, partner with The Salvation Army to help those on the streets get connected to services in our community. The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services Canteen will be on sight, offering hydration to those in the park and serving as a visual reminder of how the organization meets human needs throughout our Valley.

As the temperatures rise, it becomes even more imperative to be able to provide hydration for our neighbor in need. The Salvation Army has about a 2-week supply of water for the people who come to their Day Shelter, a Clark County Cooling Station. According to Juan Salinas, Director of Social Services, The Salvation Army typically distributes about 1,000 bottles of water daily, meaning approximately 150 pallets of water will be distributed from their Owens Campus over the next five months, so replenishing current resources is vital.

Donations of water are encouraged at the May 16 event at Huntridge Circle Park, or cases and pallets of water may be brought at any time throughout the summer to The Salvation Army Homeless Services Campus, 35 W. Owens in North Las Vegas. Additionally, monetary donations for the purchase of water can be made by calling Leslee Rogers at 702-870-4430 or visiting

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