CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Burglars break in while teen was home alone


In today's Rip-Off Alert: a teenager was by himself at home when burglars barged in. The teen spoke out about the frightening experience that was caught on camera.

It started with a knock on the door, then the sound of glass shattering.

Home security cameras captured what happened next. The two suspects were seen ransacking a Pembroke Pines home.

A 13-year-old, who we are not identifying, was home alone when the two burglars broke in Sunday around 1:00 p.m.

“I quickly ran to the closet and just locked myself in there," he said "My body's shaking And I couldn't really think of anything except what the operator said on 911. She was telling me just stay where you are, wait for the police to come."

The teen stayed hidden away in his parent's upstairs closet as the two crooks went room to room in this house on Southwest 88th Way near Douglas Road.

Police say the duo first knocked on the front door before breaking the back-sliding glass door when the teen didn't answer.

“[I] Kind of felt like I'm going to be dead, because when they kicked my parent's door open, I thought my door's going to be next."

It just so happened that, at that moment, his mom decided to check on him. She pulled up live video on her phone from cameras inside the house, and spotted two strangers dressed in black there with her son.

She initially thought they were her son's friends, but soon realized they weren’t.

"She was just crying on the phone when she was on the phone, thinking: what happened to me?" the teen recalled.

Investigators are now trying to identify this pair. An arrest report states they kicked in the door to the bedroom where the teen hid and tried to break into a safe with no luck.

Police tell us they were here two minutes after being dispatched, the suspects were already gone.

"I’m just a little shaky about what happened, more insecure. I really hope for them to get caught."

Investigators say the suspects left behind several chip bags but no fingerprints were found.

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