Depressed Cake Shop brings new awareness for mental health

Depressed Cake Shop Las Vegas brings awareness to mental health (KSNV News 3)

It's gray on the outside, but colorful on the inside. What is the deal behind this cake shop?

Joining us today is Chef Mitchie Curran with Depressed Cake Shop Las Vegas to fill us in on this delicious idea.

One in four people will suffer from or be touched by mental illness, and the idea of the Depressed Cake Shop helps bring awareness to the growing number.

Cakes are dressed in gray but have a pop of color to symbolize hope.

The idea started in the United Kingdom and has inspired pop-ups around the world, including right here in Las Vegas.

All money raised from baked goods sales goes directly to a mental health charity or organization chosen for the event.

For more information, visit the Depressed Cake Shop website.

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