Dr. Frank shows us his favorite things from the Consumer Electronics Show

We are in full CES mode, and we have 50-year CES veteran Dr. Frank Viggiano to introduce us to some of the latest and greatest products this year. Among his favorite products:

Metrovac 500 Watt Metropolitan Professional Stainless Steel Hand Vac

Made in America, the lightweight stainless steel MetroVac will last a long time, has multiple accessories, and is very effective at picking up pet hair.

Samsung Family Hub 2.0

A refrigerator with a touch screen that can bring up recipes and automatically order anything you run out of

Lutron Caseta Wireless System

Ten years ago, it cost $10,000 to set up a lighting control system. Now you can control lighting and more with kits starting at$99 using a tablet, phone, Amazon Echo, or other similar devices.

Novo DS & DS 4K Digital Signage Solutions

An intuitive way to set up electronic signs without any programming experience required.

'Flare' Cell Phone Signal Booster By Surecall

A single device that can boost cell phone signal within your home, regardless of carrier.

Papgo Tiresafe

Tire pressure is the most important thing for safety on the road. Tiresafe is a pressure monitoring system that will tell you exactly the pressure on all four wheels.


A device to put on your face to give you a facial. Just put it on for 10 minutes three times a week.

Epson Home Cinema 5040 Projector

To have a theatrical experience, you need a product like this. Up to a 120-inch theatrical screen in your own home.

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