Find the perfect tech for kids & summer travel


If you're dreading that long flight or car trip with the kids, fear no more.

Ryan and Andrea Eldridge from Home Technology Pros joined us Wednesday to showcase some tricks for keeping children entertained during your summer travel.

Check out their demonstrations, and visit to learn more.


1. Have them bring their own backpack
It’ll make you less bitter than having to Sherpa 4 or more tablets, headphones, cables and more.
Vancropack, just $20
Water Resistant
USB Charging Port
Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook
Padded straps & back = more comfortable
Headphone access port

2. Battery charger pack
Nothing is worse than hearing, “my iPod died” when you’re 2 hours into a 6-hour flight
Anker PowerCore 13,000, $33
Can support a handheld device many times over
13,000 mAh
2 output ports
*set yourself a calendar reminder to charge your battery pack 48 hours before you leave!

3. Get a good pair of volume-limited can headphones
Lil Gadgets Untangled Pro, $49
Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
Volume limited to protect kiddos ear drums
Bluetooth and Wired
Cute colors
Or for older kids:
Lil Gadgets BestBuds
Volume-limited earbuds for “tweenagers”

4. Download content ahead of time
You aren’t going to have access to WiFi in air (or limited)
Stock up the device with:
Games and more that don’t need WiFi
Movies/TV shows (you can temporarily download titles from Netflix)
Audio Books and/or eBooks

5. Invest in a shared movie storage device
Lots of handheld devices have limited storage
Seagate Connect Wireless Stick, $20-110
Creates its own limited area WiFi network
Stream content to up to 3 devices simultaneously
Stores from 32 GB ($20) up to 256GB ($110) of data
256 GB = 50 HD movies

6. Look for local co-op games
Heads Up & Heads Up Kids, $.99 each!-pictures/id937976391?mt=8
great for mixed ages
guess what’s on the screen based on clues given to you
*purchase & download the card packs you want in advance of your trip
Outwitters 2.0, FREE, iOS and Android
Turn-based strategy game
Even has two-versus-two games

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