‘Hashtag Motivation: Feed Your Mind’ new book from entrepreneur JimDre Westbrook

Krystal Allan with entrepreneur JimDre Westbrook. [Jillian Lopez | News3LV]

Since announcing to the world in 2014 that he was a virgin via Facebook, 32-year-old entrepreneur JimDre Westbrook — known as the Worth The Wait Guy (WTWG) — has been thrust into the spotlight, garnering national attention and overwhelming support for his bold decision to wait for sex until marriage.

This summer Westbrook, now often referred to as “The Virgin Dating Expert,” released his first literary effort, “Hashtag Motivation: Feed Your Mind,” a 60-day adventure of positivity, encouragement and faith featuring inspirational quotes written using 140 characters or less.

Krystal Allan talks with Westbrook about this latest venture.

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