'Psychic Hillbilly' Matt Donnelly to perform in The Space this weekend


Matt Donnelly, known as The Psychic Hillbilly, is ready to take the stage at The Space this weekend.

On a dare from Penn Jillette, Donnelly created a character and learned magic tricks form the best of the business and I haven't looked back. Funny, Fascinating, Sophisticated (Choose Two)

The Psychic HillBilly is a comedy magic show! Each trick taught by a titan of the magic world. I am embarrassed by how many connections I have to the titans of the magic world. Respectfully, I approached Penn, Teller, Johnny Thompson, Piff and more, and asked them- "Will you teach me one trick"? They all said yes. Performing and writing comedy for 23 years, I discovered that I love writing for other voices rather than my own. That's what makes the Psychic Hill Billy so exciting. I love this role and with the guidance of magic's greats,

Behold! A bonafide bear wrestling, mud loving, mind noodler! On a dare from Penn Jillette, I created a comedy magic show and learned tricks from Penn, Teller, Johnny Thompson, Piff The Magic Dragon, Mac King, Eric Dittleman, and Brian Brushwood. Directed by RJ Owens and written by me, Matt Donnelly

Name: The Psychic Hillbilly

Date: December 7 – 10

Time: 10 p.m.

Location: The Space (3640 Cavaretta Court)

Cost: Kinfolk VIP tickets are $50 and Resty’all general admission tickets are $25

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