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Recycle leftover Fourth of July fruit for your skin

Interview 8am
Interview 8am
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A staple at almost all Fourth of July parties is a fruit bowl.

With the leftover fruit, turn it into a beauty treatment for your skin!

Heather Marianna with Beauty Kitchen is here with more information about the health benefits of apples.

Apple juice masks support blood flow and give you that blush glow with each application. Apples are filled with oil-controlling ingredients that can fight acne, pimples, greasy skin, and more while making your skin look radiant.

Apple and papaya mask for uneven-toned skin:

Uneven skin tone is one of the most common issues women face. Due to patchy skin, pigmentation, sun tan, and such other issues, the skin loses its beauty and becomes dull.

In such cases, you can use the papaya mask which can work miracles while fighting these issues. Papayas are filled with minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants which can fight pigmented skin and get you a blissful glow.

Go for this cool mask which can get you perfectly even-toned skin as never before.

Ingredients include apples, papayas, and honey.

To make it, get some fresh apple slices and add them into the blender. Add sliced papayas in the blender, as well.

Mix in a little water to prepare a thick paste and add some honey for instant shine and smoothness.

Apply this refreshing mask on your skin to fight sun damage, patchy skin, and pigmentation, quickly. Use this mask twice a week for high impact results.

Drinking apple juice daily also helps keep skin radiant.

Using sliced green apples to remove oil from skin:

Simply place sliced apples on your face to remove oil.

If you have a little time before your nights out and you're in living in a hot environment, this quick 5-10 minute routine before you apply your makeup will work wonders, with no need for blotting papers.

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For more information, visit the Beauty Kitchen website.

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