Sherry Gordy Presents: May 20th 2016 Birthday Bash!


Bio: By the end of 2013, Martin was offered the gig as the replacement front man and lead singer for 90's Icons "Color Me Badd" for a 2014 world tour, in which he gladly accepted. The year was highlighted by an epic performance on the 2014 BET AWARDS, where Martin performed the groups mega-hit "I Wanna Sex You Up" with rave reviews. Martin has since handed the lead roll back over to Color Me Badd's original lead singer, who had been dealing with a variety of well documented health and legal issues.

As you may guess, Martin and his music do not stop there!! A highly anticipated new album "Consummate" is scheduled for release this summer, and is lead by a MAY 1st 2015 release of the new single "U DESERVE IT GIRL" through a new deal with Grammy-Nominated indy label "ML1". The video for the single is scheduled to be filmed in the New Orleans area during May!

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