Summer entertaining tips from Bergman, Walls and Associates


Summer is one of those seasons where everyone gets together, whether it’s for a family reunion, a backyard barbecue, or a casual cocktail. Having an ideal outdoor space for these kinds of activities can make all the difference whilst hosting an event.

Bergman, Walls & Associates design expert, James Horvath, is sharing some tips and insight for designing the perfect outdoor space for summer entertaining.

Outdoor Lighting

  • String lights are very popular, relatively inexpensive and instantly add ambiance.
  • For an even more elevated look, try an outdoor chandelier to make your space feel warm and glowy.
  • There are a ton of options out there, whether you DIY or purchase from a store.

Edible Centerpieces

  • These can be both functional and appealing. Put citrus slices or whole fruits inside of a clear vase of water, celery, or cut herbs in various small glasses of water. Or tiny planted herbs that double as gifts for your guests.

Cinder Blocks

  • In the mood for some heavy lifting? Cinder blocks are the new pallets – there are so many amazing DIY furniture options with zero tools and an afternoon of work.
  • Build a new outdoor couch, flower pots and more with a couple of blocks and some determination.

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