Tarkanian gets boost from top Trump surrogates

Sebastian Gorka stops by event in support of Danny Tarkanian 12/19/17 (Jeff Gillan | KSNV)

Make no mistake: a comfortable conference room on the second floor of the Ahern family’s company, Xtreme Manufacturing, was Tarkanian Country.

Dozens of supporters came to see the candidate, along with two of Trump Nation’s most recognized surrogates.

“We need people like this man to come to the swamp, to work with people like me, Steve Bannon, other supporters of the president,” said former Trump White House aide Sebastian Gorka, now a familiar face on Fox News.

Gorka made it clear he’s a big Tarkanian backer.

“The fact is, if you go to Washington, people talk about the swamp and they think it's the other party that you're competing against. And I realized in many cases, it’s people who say they're part of your own party and they really aren't,” Gorka told me.

That's no small swipe at incumbent Dean Heller, from a guy who is buds with establishment enemy number one, Steve Bannon, who ran Trump's campaign.

Both Gorka and Bannon worked together at the White House. Now, Bannon's back at Breitbart, Gorka's helping guys like Tarkanian, and both want Tark in the U.S. Senate, which is fine with the candidate.

“I think it's a further testament that I'm the one that Donald Trump would like to have in Washington D.C. voting on his America first agenda,” Tarkanian says.

Just last week, Democrats snatched a victory in Alabama against a flawed Republican candidate who critics said proved the GOP must nominate more mainstream candidates. In the Nevada U.S. Senate race, Tarkanian’s critics have said he’s too conservative to win in the general election. I asked Gorka about that.

“You don’t understand what happened on November 8th,” he told me, referring to Trump’s unexpected Election Night shocker. “This man wiped the floor with 16 establishment candidates and then proceeded to defeat a woman who spent $1.4 billion on a position she thought was owed to her because of her sex and her last name.”

“This is the age of the outsider. This is the age of cleaning house. We need to bring conservative politics back to the base,” Gorka says.

Tarkanian has been with Trump since the beginning, which means something, says this rally's other speaker, Trump surrogate, Pastor Mark Burns.

“And that means a lot to the true supporters of President Donald Trump and the whole America First agenda,” says Burns.

Heller didn't support Trump during the campaign but says he's working with him now.

Case in point: the tax bill, poised to head to the President's desk.

"Senator Heller and President Trump are working together to deliver tax relief," says Heller campaign spokesperson Keith Schipper, adding, “today is a clear reminder of the stark contrast between a sad perennial candidate and a true conservative actually delivering results for Nevada.”

Here, at this rally in Henderson, these folks hope Tarkanian will deliver in a Senate battle getting some outside attention.

“I believe that there's some strong supporters here in Nevada who also want to see the establishment removed from office,” Burns says.

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