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American Lung Association in Nevada and “Scale the Strat” event


American Lung Association in Nevada and “Scale the Strat” event

Dr. Christensen

A community’s quality of life is directly related to the health of its members. It’s for that reason that OptumCare works with partners throughout Southern Nevada to ensure the community’s health and well-being.

OptumCare along with Optum Lung & Allergy Care believe that an active and engaged workforce is necessary for not only the community health but also the community vital-ity. To this end, we have are excited that we are partnering with the American Lung As-sociation on their “Scale the Strat” event.

Well, our mission is to save lives and we do that through fundraisers throughout the year that fund education, advocacy and research. One of those fundraisers is our “Scale the Strat” Fight for Air Climb in which we have climbers come from all over the world and of all athletic abilities to climb the 108 flight of stairs at the iconic Stratosphere Tower. This year we’re expecting about 1,000 people to tackle the Tower on Sunday, February 25th. We have climbers who have lung disease -- like COPD or asthma. And climbers who climb in honor of a loved one struggling or someone who may have passed away. Since our climb began 10 years ago here in Las Vegas, we have raised over $1.5 million for research and to support local programs here in our Southern Ne-vada community.

For those of us in Southern Nevada that have lived here for a long time, it’s very im-portant for us to give back to our communities. And so we encourage you to all get in-volved either individually through fundraising, through corporate giving, and most im-portantly volunteering.

For those who are watching – we hope you join us on Sunday, February 25th to “Scale the Strat” with us at the iconic Stratosphere Tower here in Las Vegas. Or please visit or call (702) 431-6333 to learn more about volunteer and support opportunities that we have throughout the year.

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