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Dr. Bauzon

As we age, our health needs change - exercise and diet are even more important. Dr. Samuel Bauzon explains. Older adults who are inactive lose ground in four key areas that are very important to remaining healthy. This include endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

You can maintain or restore these four areas with physical activity. Our Southwest Med-ical Livestyle Centers provide opportunities for older adults in the community to attend social activities, make new friends, and also learn about health topics important to this stage in their life. And the social club is open to the community - you don’t need to be a patient of Southwest Medical to enjoy the activities.

If you are a health plan member, each Lifestyle Center also offers free annual wellness checkups for our older patients. We also have an on-site social worker who can help with transportation, meal services, and also help with medication costs. If you’re not a health plan member, there are a lot of no-cost or low-cost options for keeping active.

Take up dancing for example. Dancing is a really fantastic way to get some cardiovas-cular benefit, improve your coordination and balance, and meet local seniors who enjoy similar activities.

Go for a swim. Few things are healthier and low-impact than a water workout.

Golf is a really great way to back to nature in a fun way.

Go window shopping. Walking inside an air-conditioned mall can really provide exercise in a cool and safe environment.

And garden on your patio. Raising tomatoes or herbs in pots can be a nice mixture of fun and movement, along with creating a healthy meal.

And finally, low-impact exercise classes like tai chi or yoga can really help improve strength, balance and coordination and reduce stress.

And make child’s play of exercise. As any grandparent can tell you, one of the easiest and most fun ways to get exercise is to chase the grandkids around. And you'll be set-ting a great example for them.

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