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Candlelighters Cancer Foundation of Nevada

Dr. Gollard

A community’s quality of life is directly related to the health of its members. Working to ensure that health, Optum Care Cancer Care is encouraging your support of Candle-lighters Cancer Foundation of Nevada, which has been supporting families affected by cancer for 40 years.

Optum Care Cancer Care is a diverse group of medical specialists united in the fight against cancer. We realize that there is much more than a scientific or medical compo-nent to fighting against cancer. Therefore, we’re supportive of everything that Candle-lighter Foundation is doing in the fight against childhood cancer here in Southern Ne-vada.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate - it has a profound impact on both the diagnosed child and the entire family. And that’s why Candlelighters is here. We are here to provide that emotional support, that quality of life for these families, and the financial assistance to get them through their cancer journey. And in 2018, we are celebrating 40 years in our community and we are honoring those past and present who have gone through the childhood cancer journey.

It’s more than just effective treatments and accurate diagnosis. I would urge people here in Southern Nevada to volunteer, to give on an individual and corporate basis, and to join together in the fight against this deadly disease.

There are so many ways our community can help us. Through time and talent by volun-teering or through our financial support. With our Super Hero 5K in September, our Camp Independent Firefly in June, our summer camp for our kiddos, and we also have our ShineGOLD Cancer Awareness month in the month of September. But March 10th is going to be a special evening for us. It’s our 40th anniversary celebration so you can buy tickets on our website at and find out more information.

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