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Doctor Shortage in Nevada?


Dr. Michael Daubs MD

Doctor Shortage in Nevada?

“So I think there has been a shortage and that’s why we’re here. I grew up in Las Vegas and I returned because I think there is an opportunity here and what we’ve done is we have formed University Orthopedics and Spine and we start with four orthopedic surgeons that have come from university medical centers and the idea is we are going to come back here and work with the UNLV School of Medicine and develop the type of practice and care that you get at other University hospitals such as UCLA, University of Utah, the institutions that we have all come from. So we think there is a great opportunity to not only improve the quality of healthcare but also produce more Doctors in this area that will help all of the citizens of Las Vegas.

Orthopedic surgery encompasses the whole body muscle skeletal system so everything that allows you to move muscles, joints, ligaments, your spine all the nerves in your spine and part of that is also doing research on the muscular skeletal system and we think that is what is a unique part of our group. One of the areas is outcome research which simply is “How are you doing and how can we make you better?” and we study that what treatment has worked best for which group of patients that way when you come in we can tailor our treatment to what’s best for you.

So the “University” to us means we are involved with education, research and then patient care. We’ve developed the first orthopedic residency training program for medical doctors in the state of Nevada and that is part of our mission, training the future. So that is our mission, so if you have that as your mission, you have to stay at a high level. University Orthopedics and Spine will continue to grow in Southern Nevada, we will be adding new providers in all different areas and sub specialties in orthopedic surgery. We accept most insurances, please give us a call or contact us online.

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