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Fitness in Older Adults


Fitness in Older Adults

As we age our health needs evolve exercise and diet become even more important seeking advice from your health care provider is a good place to start. Dr. Samuel Bauzon offers his guidance along with some helpful information from James Terry of the Nevada Senior Games.

Fitness for Older Adults

“Exercise and activity helps you to stay strong and independent. Inactive older adults lose ground in four important areas that are important for staying healthy; strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. You can maintain or restore these areas with physical activity. A variety of activities are best and reduce the risk for injury. Brisk walking and swimming increases your breathing and heartrate, lifting weights and using resistance bands increase muscle strength. Balance exercises are helpful in avoiding falls, stretching helps you stay flexible and limber” says Dr. Samuel Bauzon, Senior Medical Director, Southwest Medical Associates.

“The Nevada Senior Games starts September 10th and runs through October 15th and it runs at a number of venues around Las Vegas the greater Las Vegas Valley and we are proud to be in our 37th year. We have 23 different sports, we have track and field, swimming, golf and this year, matter of fact, we have rock climbing for our seniors. It’s geared for seniors 50 and above all the way to age 100 matter of fact our oldest competitor was 103 a few years ago” says James Terry, Executive Director of Nevada Senior Games.

“In addition to the event like the Nevada Senior Games you can find opportunities for everyday activities at the Southwest Medical Lifestyle Centers. These centers provide opportunities for older adults in the community to attend social activities, make new friends and learn about health care topics. And the Social Club is open to the community, you don’t need a patient of Southwest Medical to enjoy the activities. Silver Sneakers – Flex Class, Forever Fit and other exercise classes, line dancing, Wii bowling league, Chi Gong and much more. Come join us soon!” - Dr. Samuel Bauzon, Senior Medical Director, Southwest Medical Associates.

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