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Home Grown Doctors

Dr. McBeath

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Local ties make it easier for patients to talk to their doctor because of the relationship of trust that is built over time. Patients who trust and know their physicians are also more likely to seek regular preventative care. Southwest Medical’s leadership includes three home grown doctors who have been serving the community for decades.

So my family came here in the 1940’s. I was raised and educated in the state of Ne-vada. This is my home. In fact, my grandchildren are fifth generation Las Vegans. It’s been personally very rewarding to practice medicine in my home community. I’ve al-ways strived to be a trusted partner and provide the highest quality of care to my pa-tients to this community.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas. My parents came here in the early 1960’s. My fa-ther was a professor at UNLV. My mother was an administrator for the school district. So I was born and raised as I sat here at Sunrise Hospital. And interesting enough, I had my children here and they were born at the same hospital I was as was my hus-band who’s also born and raised in Las Vegas. Patients always worry how long you’re going to stay in town and I always reassure them I’m raising my family here and I don’t plan on going anywhere and I will be a long-time provider for them.

My parents came to Las Vegas in the 50’s so my dad could practice dentistry. I was born here. I’ve gone to school here at Southern Nevada; went to UNLV and to UNR and med school in Reno. And I practiced here my entire career. Being born here in Las Ve-gas, raising my family here in Las Vegas, living here my entire life and practicing here shows how important this community is to me and that I’m always going to do my best to provide the best care I can and help create the best medical service that I can for the community.

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