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Lifestyle 2018


Staying healthy is always good, but laughing, learning and meeting others

is even better! Southwest Medical has introduced six care and Lifestyle locations dedicated to older adults, all serving Medicare Advantage patients with a highly coordinated approach. Dr. Samuel Bauzon explains:

* Exercise, activity and social engagement are ideal for older adults who want to stay strong and independent.

* The Southwest Medical Lifestyle Centers are just one way we care for older adults.

We provide a medical and social component to care for overall well-being. The centers offer older adults a place to laugh, learn, and stay healthy. From free health presentations to a variety of fun, social activities, these modern centers are great ways to get active and meet new friends. The social activities at our centers are open to all older adults in the community – you don’t have to be a patient or a member of Medicare Advantage plan to participate.

For our Medicare Advantage patients, the community centers also offer health care services like comprehensive Annual Wellness Exams. You’ll spend up to an hour with our health care team, giving you the opportunity to ask questions. In addition to the community centers, the care teams in our Neighborhood Care Program are highly trained geriatric specialists and help patients achieve the best possible health outcomes.

The Neighborhood Primary Care Team consists of a physician, RN case manager, medical assistant, social worker and advanced practice clinician. The neighborhood care team works together to develop a comprehensive plan of care that will help you:

o Understand illnesses and treatments

o Develop and maintain healthcare goals

o Manage referrals

o Understand and manage medications

o Navigate recovery and care after release from the hospital

o Decide if palliative care or other specialized programs are right for you

The Neighborhood Primary Care team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone and appointments take place at the location closest to you. Based on need, providers can visit your home if you’re medically home-bound or bed-bound.

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