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Lifestyle Centers


Southwest Medical Associates

Lifestyle Centers

As an older adult being healthy means more than just regular doctor visits, it’s about getting answers to questions, friendships and new experiences, lifelong learning and a healthy lifestyle. Southwest Medical Associates designed their Lifestyle Centers for just that purpose.

“Southwest Medical Associates has launched two lifestyle centers to fill the special needs of our seniors in the community. Each Lifestyle Center also has a medical component devoted to wellness checkups for our Senior Dimensions patients. We also offer resource guidance with an onsite social worker who can help with things like transportation assistance, meal services and even getting help with medication costs” says Toni Corbin, VP of Operations.

“Seniors love the Social Club and it is open to the community, you do not have to be a patient of Southwest Medical Associates to come and enjoy the Social Club at the Lifestyle Centers. It’s a place for you to come and learn, laugh and be healthy” adds Toni.

“Here at the Lifestyle Center our Senior Dimensions patients are offered an annual wellness check up which is specialized to their specific needs. We look at their EKG testing, bone mineral density testing to check their bones, circulation tests, diabetes, nerve conduction and mental health screening tests as well. In addition, we look at their prescriptions and update things for them as needed and we also discuss about their future healthcare decisions as well. A there are many opportunities for the public to learn more about how to live a healthier life. We have free health presentations by Southwest Medical providers on managing chronic health conditions, maintaining fitness, falls prevention and more. We also have free support groups to assist with grieving and emotional wellbeing” - Nikki Macalad - ARPN

“Come here, you will have fun, meet friends, you’ll laugh and that is why I come here” says one of the patients, “I look forward to it every single morning” she adds.

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