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Medicine on the Move


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Medicine on the Move

Dr. Henderson

Nevadans have significant challenges accessing health care. Some patients and espe-cially those with families often have transportation, child care or other challenges that prevent them from going to a health care center. Southwest Medical, with Health Plan of Nevada and Sierra Health and Life, have answered that challenge.

In addition to providing more clinics and more providers, we are trying to find other ways to improve access to our patients. One of the ways is with our 45-foot, state-of-the-art, mobile clinic which is in conjunction with Health Plan of Nevada and Sierra Health and Life. This allows us to be able to bring care directly to the patients in their communities.

Medicine on the Move travels to community centers, schools, charities, homeless shel-ters and churches to reach patients who need health care services, as well as other or-ganizations where patients and health plan members may not have easy access to medical care.

Medicine on the Move has features similar to our other clinics including exam rooms and other features that you would see in a well-furnished healthcare center. Patients can receive a wide range of services: pediatric or primary care visits, immunizations, x-rays, mammography, physicals and basic lab tests. Medicine on the Move has the only digital mammography unit in the country on a mobile medical center that provides care to patients, as well as radiology exams.

Generally, everyone is very curious about the clinic. But as soon as they come onboard they’re actually very impressed with how it feels like a regular clinic that they would see on a regular basis. So, it’s been very enthusiastic for all the parents and patients that I have seen here. Medicine on the Move has logged over 9,000 miles throughout South-ern Nevada and even to areas up north near Reno bringing our services to our patients. We encourage people to get more information especially working families with children. To make an appointment, please call this toll-free number (1-800-382-0870).

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