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Open Enrollment


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Open Enrollment - Toni Corbin

Open enrollment is a very important time of year for our seniors, when making a decision about Medicare open enrollment it really comes down to the value that seniors are getting. This is the time of year for seniors to enroll or make changes to their Medicare or Medicare Advantage Health Plan and to select a primary care doctor from local providers like Southwest Medical. If you are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan you can switch during the open enrollment period.

If you are completely new to Medicare, that is turning 65 or retiring, you will have an initial enrollment period near your birthday or retirement date instead. Southwest Medical is a provider for Senior Dimensions and AARP Medicare Complete with these plans you have access to all of the healthcare services provided by Southwest Medical. Over 350 local health care providers in over 30 health care centers plus access to a network of 630 providers throughout Southern Nevada. Additionally, there are senior focused extras like free yearly senior wellness exams at most locations, the Southwest Medical Senior Priority Access Program, reminders of important exams like mammograms and colonoscopies are available through My SMA Health online, e-visits to email your providers with any questions, comments or concerns and through our electronic medical records – your test results and important information will follow you wherever you within Southwest Medical.

Southwest Medical promotes a patient centered approach. Patients have access to their physicians and their entire health care team. We have been providing quality health care in the community for over 45 years! Remember the deadline for Medicare open enrollment is just a few short days away, it ends on December 7th and if you have an insurance agent we recommend that you contact them to discuss your options.

Make a call to 1 855 591 1567 and you can be put in touch with a local certified insurance agent to bring you the expert advice that you need.

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