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OptumCare Cancer Care

Dr. Gollard

Researchers have seen extraordinary results using patients' own immune cells to fight cancer with a treatment called “CAR T-cell therapy.” Dr. Russell Gollard, Medical Direc-tor for OptumCare Cancer Care, explains.

For the last several hundred years, the types of treatments used for cancer have basi-cally involved three different sorts of treatment - surgery, radiation therapy or drugs specifically chemotherapy. The greatest advance that we’ve had is in the utilization and development of something called CAR T-Cell therapy which allows us to genetically en-gineer a patient’s own T-cells to fight against cancer.

Immunotherapies have been used in the past but now we’ve developed therapies spe-cifically involved with genetically engineered CAR T-cells to fight a patient’s own cancer specifically leukemias and lymphomas. In the future, we hope to use these same thera-pies against other tumors like breast cancers and brain cancers. CAR T-cell therapy has already been FDA approved for two different types of cancer, namely leukemias or some leukemias I should say in children, and some leukemias in adults.

Now, we’re hoping that we can use CAR T-cell against other tumors in the future. It won’t be a cure-all for types of cancer but I think it will be something that’s important in our armamentarium for fighting against this dreadful family of diseases.

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