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OptumCare Cancer Care


OptumCare Cancer Care

More than one in three people get some form of cancer during their lifetime, making the disease one of the most prevalent and costly medical conditions. In Nevada, the American Cancer Society estimates that more than 14,000 people will be diagnosed with cancer in 2018. To help combat this deadly disease and improve access to health care choices locally, OptumCare is opening the Cancer Center.

The Cancer Center is a new 55,000-square-foot treatment center that is in the Las Ve-gas Medical District and will be a new option for patients residing here in Las Vegas. We’ll have medical oncology, surgical oncology, diagnostics services, laboratory ser-vices, cumulative therapy, immunotherapy, and all this will be under one roof so that patients can be diagnosed and treated in one place. We’ll focus on a highly individual-ized approach, coordinated care, shared decision making and a holistic approach to treatment involving multiple medical specialties as well as the patients and their fami-lies.

The Cancer Center will feature dozens of private infusion centers for patients under-going chemotherapy, built to maximize comfort with plenty of natural light and space for family and friends. Our Breast Care Department led by Dr. Courtney Vito will provide modern breast care options to patients in need. The significance of the Op-tumCare Cancer Center goes well beyond bricks and mortar. It will be a community- oriented center and will be a very proud addition to the Las Vegas Medical District. The Cancer Center will help to advance the important work already being done here. It will serve as a catalyst for growth and progress in this vital part of Southern Ne-vada.

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