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OptumRX New Sustainable Packaging in Home Delivery


OptumRX New Sustainable Packaging in Home Delivery

OptumRx is a pharmacy care company providing nation-wide prescription drug home delivery to over 65 million members including 500,000 members from its Las Vegas facility. Their 24/7 pharmacists are making it easier to adhere to treatment regimen, a critical step linked to better health outcomes and lower drug and health care costs. Now, its new packaging is making a difference.

At OptumRx our priority is ensuring our patients receive high quality medication they need when they need them. At the same time, we’re continually analyzing our busi-ness practices to continually to improve while reducing our environment footprint. A key area that we recently focused on was packaging. OptumRX recently introduced fully-sustainable packaging for its temperature-sensitive delivery of both home deliv-ery, maintenance and specialty medications. It maintains the highest standards of quality and effectiveness while reducing the environmental footprint of our medica-tion home delivery services.

The new packaging used to ship temperature-sensitive products is made from 100-per-cent renewable cotton. It is biodegradable, composable, reusable and recyclable. It re-places Styrofoam commonly used to ship medications to consumers’ homes. This ini-tiative is part of OptumRX’s ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental foot-print. It also ties in with the goal to make sure all packaging material used in the home delivery services facilities is completely recyclable. At our OptumRX state of the art facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada we have already dispensed 50,000 prescriptions to patients’ homes across the country using the new material. By using the new 100-percent recyclable packaging to dispense over four million prescriptions yearly to pa-tients’ homes, OptumRX is projected to save millions of gallons of water, pounds of carbon dioxide, and kilowatt hours of energy.

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