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Southwest Medical Associates

Dr. Duddy

Blair Duddy MD is the Associate Medical Director of Pediatrics at Southwest Medical Associates. Since 1995 he’s been advising parents and caregivers for our communities’ children. Supporting families in playing an active role in their child’s healthcare.

“Well, Pediatrics is great because you know at times we can be very playful, I mean on the other hand the stakes are higher when kids have serious illness. Our patients, the young ones, can’t actually tell us the problems and the history so we have to get it from the parents, we work as a unit between the patient and the parents it is more of a team approach I think than the adult world.”

“So, Vaccines are incredibly important, I don’t know any pediatrician, including myself who, don’t vaccinate their kids we are first in line to do it because we know over the last 50 years we have prevented some very serious and often fatal diseases with the vaccines. The vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to have a response of antibodies so if they come in contact with measles or meningitis bacteria or the pneumonia bacteria that there is already immune warriors ready to kick butt and prevent the infection from taking over.”

“So having a fussy crying baby is a big challenge for parents it’s really stressful, I try to encourage parents to realize that there is a phase after about four months it gets easier. And that you can do whatever it takes to make them happy, you cannot spoil a baby and with time you will learn that’s the “Wet Cry” or “Hungry Cry”. If at any point you feel like it is out of what you know as the norm for your baby and you are worried, trust your instincts, call the Pediatrician, have the baby checked out, because we are the ones that are to have your back and figure out, is this just a colicky baby? Or is something else going on that we need to help out with?”.

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