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Prostate Cancer Guidelines


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Prostate Cancer Guidelines

Dr. Wilson

The doctors of Urology Specialists of Nevada encounter people who are feeling at their most vulnerable. Each day, they deal with numerous and different health conditions that are rarely discussed in public and are the cause of personal anxiety and stress for those who are suffering. Dr. Jeffrey Wilson shares his insight on the seldom discussed topic of urology.

For many reasons people do fear going to the doctor in general. And then add on top of it, issues such as sexual dysfunction or urinary incontinence and they will avoid the doc-tor altogether. So, it’s important to not let fear or anxiety prevent you from getting the care that you need. And for some people, jotting down some notes before the appoint-ment can be very helpful in order not to forget something during the appointment itself.

For both men and women one issue that causes concern is ‘urge urinary incontinence’ and that is when one is rushing to the bathroom and can’t quite make it and ends up leaking some urine. And in those situations, people will come up with some of their own solutions such as wearing dark clothing or knowing where every bathroom is in the area and taking frequent trips. Or unfortunately some will avoid social situations altogether because of the fear and concern they have. The biggest thing is letting people know that incontinence is both very common and also treatable. Sometimes it’s a matter of modi-fying diet, physical therapy or even exercises. In many cases, there are medications and some surgeries are helpful as well. Not all types of incontinence are curable but all of them are certainly treatable.

We provide a pathway for patients, but patient involvement is key in their care. No mat-ter what walk of life you’re in, urology issues can occur at any stage and urologists are here to help.

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